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Dragon Worm
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The player is like "I'm safe now..",and the Dragon Worm is like "Booya!!!" when it pops up from the ground and rips him apart :D. Dragon Worms usually hide underground and attack their prey using their strong jaws and deadly poison. This model is so carefully made we even make some saliva in the mouth (please take a look at black background preview images, since the saliva is white it's hard to see it in 100% white background). The model comes with an opacity mapped sand prop so it'll blend nicely into your map.

  • Fully rigged, textured and animated.
  • 4 color options: Red, Gold, Cyan, Black
  • FBX format, MAX format for customizing, Unity package.
  • iClone ready character avatar and motion and prop files.
  • Other formats: dbo, ugh (fragMotion), ms3d, mdl (3DGameStudio), smd, X, mesh-skel-mtrl-gfx-anim (Esenthel), 32 bones b3d for Realm Crafter.
  • Animations: appear, stand, idle(roar), attack 1, attack 2, attack 3, attack 4, attack 5, hit 1, hit 2, death, disappear (view animations)
  • Polygon count: Dragon Worm: 6810 tris, sand base: 849 tris
  • Textures: 2048x2048 4 diffuse maps (32bit alpha), normal map, specular map
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