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Manticores have the head of a lion, the wings of a dragon and the tail of a scorpion. They plunge from the sky, grab their prey with their claws, or sting it to death with their giant poisonous stinger. The name "Manticore" was reputedly derived from a Persian word meaning "man-eater." They devour their prey whole and leaves no clothes, bones, or possessions of the prey behind.

  • Fully rigged, textured and animated.
  • 4 color options.
  • Unity package.
  • FBX format (exported and tested with Unity), MAX format for customizing.
  • Other formats: b3d (Blitz3d), dbo, ugh (fragMotion), ms3d, dae (OpenCollada), mdl (3DGameStudio), smd, x, mesh-skel-mtrl-gfx-anim (Esenthel), iAvatar-iMotion-iMtrl (iClone 5)
  • Animations: run, walk, stand, idle, roar, attack 1, attack 2, attack 3, attack 4, hit 1, hit 2, death, stand to fly, fly to stand, fly in-place, fly forward, fly attack 1, fly attack 2, fly attack 3, fly hit 1, fly hit 2, fly death (view animations)
  • Polygon count: 5540 Triangles.
  • Textures: 4096x4096x2 diffuse maps, normal map, specular map, specular color map
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