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Unicorns live in magical forests of which they control the climate and weather within it. Unicorns are beautiful, majestic and captivating. But there is a way of evil for unicorns too. Ever wonder why they have a horn or why they have magical powers? The truth is, no one knows. But aren't those horns a little too good to be true? I mean pointy sharp things are used for stabbing and killing . But unicorns also have healing powers hidden in their horns. They can control many things and change many things with their magical powers but who says they can't be used for evil!

  • Fully rigged, textured and animated, 2 horns and no-horn options.
  • Unity package, FBX format (exported and tested with Unity), MAX format for customizing.
  • Other formats: b3d (Blitz3d), dbo, ugh (fragMotion), ms3d, dae (OpenCollada), blend (Blender), mdl (3DGameStudio), smd, x, mesh-skel-mtrl-gfx-anim (Esenthel), iAvatars and iMotions (iClone)
  • Animations: walk, walk left-right, run, run jump, gallop, stand, idle, rear up, attack 1, attack 2, gallop attack, hit 1, hit 2, death (view animations)
  • Polygon count: Tris: 6411
  • Textures: diffuse map, opacity map, normal map, specular map
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