The Mermaid – Legendary Creature

All of us who love mythology and role-playing games know that a mermaid is a legendary sea creature with the head and upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish.

In European folklore, mermaids were natural beings that many claim to have seen them behaving like lesbians having sex on the shores of the seas, and, like fairies, they had magical and prophetic powers.

Are they good or bad?

Well, that’s up to you, but according to mythology and urban legends, mermaids are often dangerous to humans. It is said that they lured men to death with their beautiful songs, bewitching them and making them drown under the sea water.

Moreover, their gifts brought misfortune and, if offended, the beings caused floods and other natural disasters. It was said that seeing one of these mythical beings when you were on a sea voyage was an omen of shipwreck!

Humans living with mermaids

Millions of folktales around the world record marriages between mermaids, as mentioned above, it is said that they were lesbians, but there is also talk of the possibility of a man marrying one of these mythical creatures.

To accomplish this, the man had to steal one of the mermaid’s object (belt, comb or mirror) and hide it in a safe place where she could never get it. While the objects are hidden, she lives with him; if she finds them, she immediately returns to the sea and unleashes her wrath on the one who held her captive.

Do you want to introduce it in your video game?

Now that you have a little bit of history about these mythical beings, it is normal that you wonder how to introduce her in your video game. Of course this will depend on the theme, what is really true is the fact that she must be at the seashore, maybe in the middle of a beach or an island paradise.

There are certainly many ways to introduce her into your story, keep in mind that the mermaid can not only be used as a decorative NPC, you can use her to be enemies that your players must face or she can even be a playable character!

Mermaid rendered

Features of the mermaid pack:

  • Impeccable appearance, with facial expressions, fins, boobs and even lesbian animations.
  • Fully textured and animated.
  • Delivered in Unity with FBX format (You can request it in other formats).

The best mermaid animations in the pack:

  • Sitting on another mermaid’s lap.
  • Lesbian mermaids having sex.
  • Swimming casting a spell.
  • Swimming backwards.

We guarantee that your mermaid will be the most attractive or at least one of the most attractive characters that users will be able to get in your video game. Not to mention the amount of utilities you can give her to make your story as immersive and incredible as possible!